Publication 2019 DANGEROUS REVELATIONS A psychological thriller and a continuum of my Linked Series. Once you are part of the Mafia family… you can never leave. But Frances knew she had to get out. She defied the Godfather, escaped his clan in Southern Italy and flew to Geneva where she would be chaperoned by Gilda. A year earlier, she and Frances had formed a friendship while in California, when they were thrown together by circumstances involving the murder of Gilda's adult son, Gary. "I’m asking you to write my biography. I can assure you that I have enough material to hold your interest…you won’t be bored," Gilda had told her. It wasn't boredom that concerned Frances, it was the fact that Gilda planned to reveal secrets that would ultimately endanger their lives. Gilda offers Frances sanctuary in her home. In exchange, Frances agrees to stay with Gilda in Geneva and write her biography. She diligently records Gilda's words which describe the devastating physical abuse she's suffered,her life bound to the Mafia and her love of gold. Gilda reveals personal secrets never before divulged including a confession which, once known, will bring dire consequences. A story of a life enriched by love and devastated by sadness, loss and pain. But against all the odds Gilda is a survivor, driven by a passionate will to live, the strength to overcome adversity and the courage to seek revenge. But the greater danger lies in writing a book that exposes the Mafia's unsolved crimes and the dignitaries involved; law-enforcement officers, Judges and politicians. With betrayal and revenge comes the expectation of retribution and the knowledge that the Mafia always seek vengeance. Will either of them live beyond the publication of Gilda's dangerous revelations? Will Frances escape the Mafia again? Or as the saying goes, will they shoot the messenger… and that would be Frances! 
 Coming Soon a chick-lit comedy LOVE.COM
Lucy-Anne Skylark believes in any age. But on a decade changing birthday and in fear of losing her job, this middle-aged, divorced journalist hits rock bottom. A personal Ah-ha moment leads Lucy to subscribe to an Internet dating site, Love.Com which offers to refund her fee if she finds her soulmate within three months. After a night of over indulgence with her best friend, she finds an indecent profile, which she inadvertently sent to Love.Com profiling herself as a hot cougar woman. Lucy is horrified, but the idea inspires her to reinvent herself as a Cougar columnist, despite this derogatory term, which in 2016 the media still used to describe middle-aged women re-entering the dating scene. Lucy swallows her pride in order to save her job and pitches her idea to her boss, Camilla, who rewards her with a make-over and subscribes Lucy to her boyfriend's Internet dating site to collect and write about dating experiences for the magazine. But Lucy clashes with Adam Grant, (Camilla's boyfriend) when he states that it's impossible for women her age to find love. He boasts that all men want young, sexy women and that middle-aged women are unattractive and past their prime. Lucy is outraged! She challenges him to a bet and sets out with determination to prove him and the media wrong about their perception of middle-aged women finding love. But there is one more shock! Unbeknown to Lucy, Adam Grant just happens to be the CEO of Love.Com and unbeknown to both Camilla and her boyfriend Adam, Lucy now has two profiles on Love.Com… one personal and one for the magazine. Managing one busy life is difficult enough, but managing two is almost impossible! Things become complicated when signs of a split personality begin to surface and Lucy questions who she really is…Ms Cougar or Lucy? Can she fight a business tycoon, the media and keep a level head? Or will she lose herself on this journey of self-discovery?

DANGEROUS REVELATIONS – will be published in May by ENDEAVOUR MEDIA Ltd. .