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 THE JUDAS TREE…a psychological thriller
Sinister, bloodthirsty and sexy. This contemporary novel will provoke terror in every unfaithful lover.
 Part One – Betrayal Part Two – Greed
 'The Judas Tree, my latest psychological thriller, is part of my Linked Series. 
It's a chilling story of multiple acts of betrayal and the consequences of greed. * Mary Webster's reaction to betrayal is off the chart. Mary seems like an ordinary 46-year-old, divorcee, beginning a new life in rural England. But Mary has depths of pent-up pain, after enduring 20 years of marital infidelities and abuse. All she needs is a trigger to unleash her emotions. She becomes entangled with Jonas, a married man and finds herself in the contrary role of the other woman. He teases her about being contrary, comparing her to the Nursery Rhyme Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, which she discovers has a sinister meaning connected to Mary Tudor (Queen Mary 1) known as Bloody Mary. When she uncovers Jonas's web of seductive lies, betraying not only herself, but his wife and several young village women, she plots her revenge and acts out the real meaning of the nursery rhyme which depicts torture. But things go terrifyingly wrong and Mary becomes the main suspect in a murder investigation. Her sibling rivalry, her relationship with the village doctor and the greediness of her former friends further drives Mary beyond the boundaries of a normal person. But Mary is not normal...she is damaged. Her only redeeming quality is her belief in acting for the greater good. If you liked Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn. This is a MUST read!
 LOVE.COM…a chick-lit comedy A TRILOGY…
 Book One – August Book Two – September Book Three – October
 When you’re turning fifty and the world thinks you’re past it . . . past love, past sex, past writing contemporary journalism, you head down a black hole of depression, or you change, fight back and become the hottest date in L.A. Lucy-Anne Skylark believes in any age. But on a decade changing birthday and in fear of losing her job, this middle-aged, divorced journalist hits rock bottom. A personal AH-HA moment leads Lucy to subscribe to an Internet dating site, Love.Com which offers to refund her fee if she finds her soulmate within three months. This idea inspires Lucy to reinvent herself as a Cougar columnist to save her job. Her boss, Camilla, rewards her with a make-over and subscribes Lucy to her boyfriend's internet dating site to collect and write about dating experiences for the magazine. But Lucy clashes with Adam Grant, (Camilla's boyfriend) when he states that it's impossible for women her age to find love. Lucy challenges him to a bet and sets out with determination to prove him and the media wrong about their perception of middle-aged women finding love. Unfortunately, Adam Grant just happens to be the CEO of Love.Com and unbeknown to Camilla and her boyfriend, Lucy now has two profiles on Love.Com. Managing one busy life is difficult enough, but managing two is almost impossible! Things become complicated when signs of a split personality begin to surface and Lucy questions who she really is. Can she fight a business tycoon, the media and keep a level head? Or will she lose herself on this journey of self-discovery.