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Author Susan Bacoyanis Radio Interview

I will be the guest of Mike Wagner of The Mike Wagner Show talking about my books and my life. Be sure to listen.


My radio interview will air on Feb.14th 2021,
Valentine's Day after 9am.

It will also be broadcast on - FaceBook, Soundcloud,
Spotify, iHeart Radio, Anchor FM. Radio Public, Spreaker Radio, YouTube Channel, Podbean, Buzzsprout and
The Mike Wagner Show.

What a great year! 
My controversial book The Judas Tree was published in May, the day before the Royal Wedding and I was in London to celebrate.
 It was a challenging book to write and once finished, I sent the manuscript to my publisher, with some degree of trepidation. This was no ordinary story, it was a dark psychological thriller. I received an email back from the publishing director of Endeavour Media, it read: 'I have only just got round to reading The Judas Tree, I started this afternoon and I cannot stop - just finished Part One! Please, please tell me it's still available? We would love to publish it!' I was thrilled. She later expressed that she thought the book was terribly outrageous and she loved that it was. The story is about betrayal which is depicted by a solitary Judas Tree. It is weaved around two Nursery Rhymes, Mary Tudor and the residents of a village set in rural England. It was written as a shocking demonstration of what pushes a person beyond the bounds of reason. I explore the degree of pain and damage a woman can endure, before someone or something becomes her ‘tipping point’ and she retaliates with an extreme act of revenge. Perhaps I should issue a warning!
Signing Event at Key West I'll be signing copies of my psychological thriller 
'There Are No Accidents' at Key West Island Books, on 
Saturday July 25th at 5 P.M. - 7 P.M. July 25th is the last day of Hemingway Week. 
A celebratory week held in honor of Ernest Hemingway who lived in Key West. 
Come and enjoy the street festival and visit me at Island Books. A Wonderful Surprise . . . My thanks to Jane Liljestrand Sturmer for honoring me at a celebratory dock party with champagne and complimentary words regarding my recent book contract with A For Authors Literary Agency. Laurie Young, and many other friends gathered together to make this truly an event to remember. Thank you so much . . . I'm touched by your friendship.

Key West Island Bookstore

My thanks to Suzanne Orchard  the new owner of Key West Island bookstore, for hosting her very first book signing event on Saturday July 25th. It was a great success and so good to talk with many interesting people during the celebration of Hemingway week. Thank you to everyone who bought our books.

Please visit Scott's McDowell's website for further information about his book 'Marinas'. www.scottemcdowell.com

Marathon Marina & Resort

was pleased to host my latest book signing on Sunday, January 18th. This was a poolside event, arranged by Marina managers, Judy and Dennis Cary with a return invitation to promote her next book.

Thank you to all the readers who gave me a wonderful reception and bought my book. A special thank you to Lynette DeBolt, an avid reader who bought my book a second time, having first downloaded it on her Kindle. She told me that she reads several books a week, and 'There Are No Accidents' was one of the best she's read! I can't wait for you to read my next book . . . it's even more thrilling!

Food For Thought
         Book Store and
                  Organic Café

was pleased to host a book signing for Susan Bacoyanis yesterday, January 17th. Her psychological thriller 'There Are No Accidents' is available on Amazon, in the Kindle Store and at various book stores.

A special thank you to Ellin Meade, owner of Food For Thought Book Store, for arranging this successful event. A big thank you to all the lovely people who visited me and purchased my book.

Marathon Library
was pleased to host local author Susan Bacoyanis.

She presented her book "There Are No Accidents," a three part psychological thriller published earlier this month. Be sure to like her author page for more information, and keep your eye out for a return visit. Thanks Susan!

Hi everyone, I had a successful 'Book Signing' session at Marathon Library in December. A big thank you to Cristy Danford, Library Manager, for arranging this event. Thank you to all the lovely people who paid me a visit and showed interest in my book.

Dear Friends,

I invite you to join our conversation. Let me know your thoughts about my books and the characters I’ve created. Let’s discuss reading, writing and life. . .  I’ll begin right now, with my thoughts on writing.


If you are a budding writer, read on! You will need to nourish your imagination, feed your mind with facts and train yourself to recognize detail. That’s just the foundation. Next, learn to read, taking in all meaning and vocabulary in all genres. Learn to write grammatically in your chosen language to the level of excellence. Devour the dictionary, using a wide variety of expressive words. Lastly, practice. Spend time writing, learn your craft and always seek perfection.

Good writing is a skill, driven by passion. Inspiration will stun your mind with reams of dazzling prose. It will strike at any hour of the day or night insistent in its quest to be recorded, so always carry a note book.

For years my unpublished manuscripts languished on dusty bookshelves while I earned a living. Now, my living is writing. They say that successful writers, are the ones who never gave up.

Best wishes,




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